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Lloyd Gill Rockford 2015

The Sea Harrier showing some vapor, during the photo pass at the Rockford, Illinois Airfest, 2015. Captured by Lloyd Gill.

Why limit  your airshow to traditional fixed wing aircraft when you can provide the awe-inspiring spectacle of an aircraft that sometimes masquerades as a helicopter?  That can only mean one thing: A unique and powerful “Harrier” demonstration, previously only available from the U.S. Marines.


Introducing NALLS AVIATION, featuring the first, flyable, privately-owned 21,600 lb-static thrust FA.2 “Sea Harrier” piloted by former Marine Corps test pilot, Lt.Col.(ret) Art Nalls and retired Marine test pilot and combat veteran, MGen (ret) Joe Anderson.  Both U.S. Naval Academy graduates with distinguished military careers, Nalls and Anderson have been thrilling air show audiences since 2002 with a pristine safety record.

Among other noteworthy achievements during his military career, Nalls safely landed a “Harrier” near an urban center at a civilian airfield following a catastrophic engine failure, when standard emergency procedures called for an ejection.

Anderson remains one of the very few pilots to be awarded BOTH U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy pilot wings.  Early in his career he piloted 219 combat missions in the F-4 “Phantom” over Viet Nam.  He later became a test pilot.  A legendary “Harrier” pilot, Anderson flew his first “Harrier” in 1973.

maj gen Joe anderson

The L39C is available for demos, flight instruction, or static display

In addition to the “Harrier” aircraft, the NALLS AVIATION team features the sleek, low-wing, tandem seating Aero Vodochody “Albatross”, L39C.  This nimble training aircraft is available for short training flights with Art, Joe, or one of their certified flight instructors. The L39C is also available for static display or a surface-level demo.


The “Sea Harrier” is painted exactly as it was when it rolled into retirement, but can be easily modified with vinyl graphics to suit your air show or a high-level sponsor.  The last of the All-British fighters, the 0 – 650 knot SHAR (as it is known to the British) culminates a proud aviation lineage that began with the famed Sopwith fighters of World War I.

The “Harrier” can climb at 50,000 feet per minute, and can roll at 720 degrees per second!  A highly versatile airplane, the SHAR can operate from austere sites, short runways, roads, and grass strips.  NALLS AVIATION can easily operate from 4,000 paved runways, not normally usable by many modern jets.  The “Harrier” can hover over ANY surface, including water.

The Harrier lands on a grass strip at Genaseo, NY July 2015

The Harrier lands on a grass strip at Genaseo, NY July 2015


From the smallest airfields to the largest, the “Harrier” along with the L39C can make your show a success.  Nalls’ aerobatics combined with the “Harrier’s” Vertical Short Takeoff and Landing (VSTOL) capabilities supply the ingredients for and unforgettable experience.  Contact NALLS AVIATION today to begin planning your next show!


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