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Presenting the world’s only, civilian-owned, “HARRIER,” owned and flown by NALLS AVIATION!Culpeper Air Fest 2010

Based on the east coast, this model is a British Sea Harrier, FA.2, tailored specifically for the airshow market. The Sea Harrier, better known to the Brits as the “SHAR” (Sea HARrier), is a true thoroughbred, the last of the all-British fighters, ending a lineage that began with the famed Sopwith fighters in the first World War.


The Harrier lands on a grass strip at Genaseo, NY July 2015

The Harrier lands on a grass strip at Genaseo, NY July 2015

It’s now in the hands of a cadre of former Marine Corps aviators,  experienced Harrier pilots, Test Pilots, and airshow performers!  The SHAR is a true 0 to 650 knot airplane, and they’ll use every one of them. From the smallest airfields to the largest, the Harrier can operate safely from them.  With the Harrier’s Vertical, Short, Takeoff and Landing (VSTOL) capability, we can operate from airfields and landing sites, that other jets simply cannot – -even grass strips!


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Whether you are an airshow producer, an aviation enthusiast, or a fan, you’ll find it filled with information about our pilots, crew, the airplane and the ENTIRE TEAM that has given this surplus Royal Navy FIGHTER a new lease on life and put it back in the sky, where it belongs!




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