L-39C “Albatros”



NALLS AVIATION “Albatros” was designed and built in what is now the Czech Republic, formerly Czechoslavakia by Aero Vodochody in 1982.  The Czech spelling of “Albatros” traditionally only has one ‘s’ at the end, vice the westernized spelling.  Both are correct for this aircraft.

The L-39 is a two-seat, single-engine jet trainer, capable of speeds up to 480 knots.  It can take of and land in approximately 2,000 feet of paved runway, making it ideal to operate as a civilian jet from smaller runways.  C (1)

The first L-39 took to the skies in 1968.  The aircraft was in full-scale production from 1971 until 1999.  The L-39 was the first, turbofan-powered jet training aircraft and has been the most widely used advanced trainer in the world.  At one time, it was used in 27 countries and has been adapted as a light, ground attack aircraft.

All of the pilots at Nalls Aviation are Certified Flight Instructors.  Instructional flights are available in the L39 from a single flight, to a complete syllabus leading to a type-rating.

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