Pete Weiskopf, Senior Chief, USN, (ret)

Pete WeiskopfAfter a false start in college, Pete Weiskopf joined the Navy in 1964 with a guarantee of electronics. He applied for the Electronics Technician and Data Systems schools with the intent of working on computers. The Navy had other ideas – Pete was sent to Memphis, TN for the Aviation Electronics Technician School and upon graduation from that course, he immediately started the Aviation Fire Control Technician, Bomb Sights and Bomb Director course.

Upon graduation from “A” school, Pete received orders to RVAH-3, NAS Sanford FL and became an organizational level troubleshooter on the TF-9J, A-3D, and RA-5C aircraft. In 1970, Pete was transferred to RVAH-5 at NAS Albany GA for a pair of Viet Nam deployments.

In 1974, Pete received orders to Memphis for the Avionics Advanced Course, Class “B”. With 10 years in the Navy, Pete had by now broken the code on how to get a good set of orders: Put in 0, 0, 0, – this meant, any ship, any station, any coast. The inference was that if they don’t know what you want, they can’t screw you. Result, Pete was sent to NAS Patuxent River, MD to support flight test on the F-4J aircraft. 1n 1975, Pete became a plank owner of the Strike Aircraft Test Directorate. During this time he received his first college degree and in 1976, Pete was selected for Chief Aviation Fire Control Technician.

In 1977, Admiral Foxgrover selected Pete to be an R&M engineer on the F-14A TARPS program and extended Pete’s tour at PAX for an extra year.

1979 to 1982 saw Pete in VF-142 as the Flight Deck coordinator for an F-14A squadron. While on sea duty Pete completed the requirements for a Master of Science degree from the George Washington University. Upon leaving the Ghostrider’s, Pete was advanced to Senior Chief Petty Officer and reported to NAMTRAGRUDET 1007, NAS Oceana, as Leading Instructor for the F-14A Weapons System.  Pete retired from the Navy in 1985.

In December 1985, Pete was hired by DCS CORP, a Patuxent River contractor, to work the new A-6F aircraft procurement. Since then Pete has worked  VH-60 flight test, A-6E PENETRATE integration and flight test, ARC-210 Fleet introduction, design of the PMA-209 Systems Integration Laboratory for the CNS-ATM program. More recently, he was the Lead Integrator for a classified ISR program.

On his 60th birthday, Pete obtained his A&P license and 3 years later Pete became an IA. In addition Pete is a flight instructor with 3500 hours, including more than 700 hours as the pilot of Art’s L-4 Piper Cub. The Cub flies as an airborne FAC for three or four air shows each year over the Liberty Ship, John Brown.

Pete was an original member of the Harrier team.

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