The Sea Harrier

The Sea Harrier   Model FA.2

The Sea Harrier performs over the water at Toronto, Canada 2013

The Sea Harrier performs over the water at Toronto, Canada 2013

This is the Sea Harrier, known as the “SHAR.”  It is a single-engine, single-seat Vertical, Short, Takeoff and Landing (VSTOL) fighter, designed specifically for service with the British Royal Navy and operations aboard ship.

This derivative was a modification from the GR-1/GR-3 versions of the Harrier which were in service with the Royal Air Force.  The specific changes made from the GR versions for the Royal Navy were to change many of the airframe and engine components from magnesium to aluminum for more corrosion-resistance in the shipboard environment.  Additionally, the cockpit was raise approximately 11 inches and given a bubble canopy for increased visibility and the addition of a Blue Fox radar and associated avionics for the Strike / Fighter missions.  The weapons suite was also modified for air-to-air weapons instead of ground attack weapons.   The resulting airplane was nimble, agile. and lethal  – –  and could land almost anywhere.

Sea Harrier hovering.

Sea Harrier hovering.

This kind of airplane was used by the British in the 1982 War with Argentina over sovereignty of the Falklands Islands.  During that campaign, British Sea Harriers shot down an amazing 21 Argentine aircraft with NO air-to-air losses.  An incredible 21 to nothing record!

The aircraft owned by NALLS AVIATION, Serial Number XZ-439 and registered in the United States as N94422,  is the world’s first and only privately-owned and flown Harrier of any kind.  It is extremely rare.  Of the more than 45 different Harrier variants, there were only 76 Sea Harriers built.  This one is the oldest surviving SHAR and the second one to roll off the assembly line.



                                                 Certification:                                                               Experimental  / Exhibition

                                                 Length:                                                                        46 feet 5 inches

                                                 Wingspan:                                                                   26 feet 3 inches

                                                 Height:                                                                         11feet 10 inches

                                                 Maximum Gross Weight:                                            26,200 lbs

                                                 Empty Weight:                                                             13,400 lbs

                                                 Fuel Capacity:                                                              653 gallons interna

                                                 Seats:                                                                           1 pilot

                                                 Powerplant:                                                                 1 –  Rolls Royce “Pegasus” Mk 104

                                                 Thrust:                                                                          21,600 lbs static, sea level, std day

                                                 Cruise speed (in the civilian world!)                          approx. 360-380 knots @ 17,500 ft
Fuel consumption in cruise:                                       appox 1. 8 gallons / mile

                                                 Fuel consumption in hover:                                        approx 1 gallon every 2 seconds

                                                 Max rate of climb:                                                       50,000 feet per minute

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