… and then there’s TRIBBLE!

Tribble never knew his real father, but he had four paws growing up.Tribble does online dating

Tribble bounced into Pat’s life. Pat gave him a job, but he had to start at the bottom, cleaning windshields for Nalls Aviation.

She knew instantly he was capable of so much more than just cleaning windshields and decorating the carpet, so Pat started training him as a service dog. Through her rigorous training program, hard work and dedication, he can now sense the onset of stroke, diabetes, cancer, and dinner. In his off duty time, he guards the house from squirrels, birds, and the occasional falling leaf. Fall is his busy season. His eyesight isn’t perfect, but his dedication certainly is.


Tribble with his War FaceHe practices his martial arts skills daily, with an old sock and has never lost a fight with one. He also has mastered the art of opening the baby gate and allowing himself downstairs, for some occasional quiet time and to pursue carpet artwork, under the piano.

Tribble’s hobbies include chasing rabbits and squirrels, and barking for no apparent reason. He enjoys long walks on the beach, sniffing the odd dead creature, and bacon. He may take a quiet nap in Pat’s lap, but he’s back on duty in an instant.

He is practicing to drive Pat’s car, but has shown a blatant disregard for stop signs and speed limits. He ignores them all. When questioned by police, he relies on his cuteness to get out of any tickets. He will not be getting a license with this ill-advised attitude and disrespect for law enforcement.

He is also practicing flying, but will divert from Tribble at Winston Salem 2014the lesson plan in an instant to chase a bird or squirrel. A ‘natural’ fighter pilot, but his landings need a lot of work, if he’s going to make it on an aircraft carrier.

Tribble hopes to someday find Miss Right, but for now, Pat’s leg will have to do.

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