New Superstars join Nalls Aviation!

Nalls Aviation, Inc, owner and operator of the World’s Only Civilian Harriers is proud to announce that the team is expanding.  Meet LtCol Jenna Dolan, USMCR, and Major Monica Marusceac, USMCR.

Genaseo, NY July 2015

Monica and Jenna in front of the Nalls Aviation Sea Harrier (SHAR) FA.2 at Geneseo, NY

Two, very talented Marine Corps Aviators, both of these ladies have Harrier combat time and have joined Team SHAR.  They are in training to fly the L-39 Albatross and will soon be flying the TMk 8, two-seat Harrier trainer, in preparation for flying the single-seat Sea Harrier.

Although they have not flown this particular model of Harrier, they have flown the AV-8B, including shipboard deployments and numerous shipboard landings.  They are both qualified Landing Signal Officers (LSO).  LSO’s are the instructors and supervisors for junior pilots landing on the carrier, and control each takeoff and landing on ship.

“The transition to the Sea Harrier will be easy for them,” said Art Nalls, “now that we have the two-seat trainer.”

“The basic aircraft systems are more alike than they are different for this airplane and the airplane they flew in the Marines,” added Nalls.  “Also, the emergency procedures are the same, and the limitations are basically the same.   The only significant differences are in handling qualities, performance, and the cockpit displays. This airplane is analog with round gages and dials, while the AV-8B is digital.  Other than that, it’s still a Harrier.”

IMG_3013 Jamie Hunter

The Two-seat Harrier is also the only flyable one in the world

Both Jenna and Monica are assisting Joe Anderson in the paddles truck during Art’s performance.  Since they are both LSO’s, this is also very familiar to them, as well.

“I can’t wait to get checked out in the L39,” said Jenna Dolan.  It’s taken longer than we anticipated because Jenna has a full-time job, two small children, and has to commute from the Boston area to fly.

Monica lives with her husband – also a former Marine Corps aviator – and their 3-yr old son, Alex, close by in northern Virginia.   She is able to visit the airport more frequently and should also have a quick transition to the Sea Harrier.

Both of them are attending as many airshows with Team SHAR as their busy lives will allow.



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