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Anglo-American Lightning Organization launches crowd funding program

Another iconic British fighter, is needing help from the aviation community.  The Anglo-American Lightning Organization is restoring an English Electric “Lightning” to full flying condition. They’ve made significant progress and due in some part to our success with the Harrier, they are anticipating a full return to flight. We’ve helped them with the FAA regulations and shared advice […]

Team SHAR cycles the landing gear and exercises the emergency blow down system

As part of our annual Conditional Inspection, the Sea Harrier is placed on jacks and hydraulic power is applied. The gas motor running is actually our “log splitter” hydraulic generator.  It provides the power to actuate the flight controls.  All the hydraulic flight controls, etc., are exercised, including retracting and lowering the landing gear. This ensures […]

How we got to where we are, part VII

Our search for viable ejection systems presented a couple of challenges.  First, no one wanted to touch this with a 10 foot pole, especially Martin Baker.  After multiple attempts to persuade anyone to help us met with dead ends, I sent an email directly to Martin Baker.  It must have reached the highest levels because within […]

How we got to where we are, Part V

The first start was both good and bad.  It was good that almost everything worked as it should.  With the exception of the electrical system, all the hydraulic pressures and engine temperatures were normal, but the electrical system as not.  Cory Duffield spent hours in the manuals and schematics to trouble shoot the problem, but […]

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