Team SHAR heads to Syracuse, NY

13427800_1723807231226027_5442924530537776330_n[2]With the tragic death of Blue Angels number 6, Marine Captain Jeff Kuss last week, the Blue Angels cancelled their scheduled appearance at the Syracuse, NY Airshow.   Team SHAR was called to step in.

“We were in a stand down of our own since our next show wasn’t until later in the year, but when they called, we responded, ” said Art Nalls.

Captain Kuss is survived by a wife and two small children.  Team SHAR not only reduced their normal fee for the show, but will donate a significant portion to the family.

“Marines always support Marines!” added Nalls.   The team truck was in the shop but was repaired ahead of schedule. The support trailer was also in for work, but the entire team pitched in to get the airplanes and equipment ready for the road trip.

In the photo, crew chief Rich Gill hams for the camera with Art Nalls in formation at 17,000 feet with the SHAR.  Joe Anderson, is the flight lead in the L-39.

Updated: June 9, 2016 — 4:11 pm
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