Team SHAR returns from Drummondville, Canada Airshow

With capacity crowds both days, Team SHAR demonstrated the Harrier and the L39, for the folks of Drummondville, Quebec to help celebrate their 200th anniversary.  Many folks had never seen a Harrier in real life, and a few had never seen one on film.  They had no idea what they were in for.l3913

We overheard a father explaining to his young son, that the Harrier would come to stop in mid air. The youngster did not comprehend what his father was trying to explain, but when he saw the SHAR hover and back up, he became a fan for life.  The most often asked question – -how does it do that?  The entire team spent hours in front of the static airplane, pointing out the nozzles and explaining the reaction control system.  The crowds remained around the static display, until every single one of our autograph cards were distributed.  And that was DAY ONE of the airshow!

120Because there are occupied homes right at the end of the single runway, the Canadian officials had to be creative with the aerobatic box.  There were actually TWO boxes, perpendicular to each other, requiring the airplanes to move from one to another, depending upon the speed and maneuver.   Even with that added requirement, the crowds were treated to both the high speed passes and hovers.  Hovers were right at show center, but due to the deteriorating condition of the asphalt runway, the Harrier could only land with a roll-on landing.

The Snowbirds were also on hand and performing their 2,500th airshow in their 45th year!  That’s an amazing milestone when you put it in perspective with any other airshow act.

Congratulations, Snowbirds!!

Updated: September 2, 2015 — 3:58 pm
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