The SHAR ready for 2017 Airshow Season!

FCF from 25 Mar 2017    2017 Airshow Schedule is Posted!! 

The SHAR annual conditional inspection is complete.  The last part of that is for a functional check flight, prior to getting on the road for our first airshows of the 2017 season. We had hoped to complete that essential flight last weekend, after the snow showers subsided.  Yes, with just one day to go to the astronomical start of spring, it was snowing in St. Mary’s County.  The showers ended and the sun emerged, just as forecast, but the winds were a steady 15-17 knot crosswind to our only short and narrow runway.  This was NOT desirable winds for the first flight out of the box, so the FCF was postponed for better weather.

We got that opportunity, yesterday.   With a crowd of approximately 4 people watching, the SHAR started completely normally and all the post-start checks were normal.  I performed a quick FCF to verify everything was operating exactly as it should and we’re ready to go for 2017.

Our first airshow is Melbourne, FL.  The truck, trailer, L39, and team are all primed and ready to hit the road.  Let’s hope for good weather and see you all in Melbourne, next weekend!

Updated: March 26, 2017 — 2:18 pm
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