How we got to where we are, Part VIII

With a new weight and balance, all the panels and systems, including the electrical system, all functionally checked, and after numerous taxi checks, we were ready to get airborne.  Our limitations were received from the FAA, and all the paperwork was approved, at least giving me a ‘learner’s permit’ to fly it for 60 days.  Since […]

How we got to where we are, part VII

Engine runs, metal repairs 002

Our search for viable ejection systems presented a couple of challenges.  First, no one wanted to touch this with a 10 foot pole, especially Martin Baker.  After multiple attempts to persuade anyone to help us met with dead ends, I sent an email directly to Martin Baker.  It must have reached the highest levels because within […]

How we got to where we are, Part V

Three quarter shot of Art Nalls sea harrier as he taxis September 2007. California, MD

The first start was both good and bad.  It was good that almost everything worked as it should.  With the exception of the electrical system, all the hydraulic pressures and engine temperatures were normal, but the electrical system as not.  Cory Duffield spent hours in the manuals and schematics to trouble shoot the problem, but […]

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